Hair Care Tips for Winter

Hair Care

We're talking about dryness, static, frizz, and the overall absence of summer hair that's perfect, smooth, shiny. Exposure to the harsh cold components and frequent transition to heated indoors will zap our hair from its moisture more often than not, leading to dull hair that is more vulnerable to damage. Not only are your precious hair fibres at risk of breakage due to the harsh, cold winter weather, but during these drier months, scalp dryness, dandruff, will rear its ugly head. So, how do you take care of your hair, mitigate and avoid harm from these harsh winter effects?

We have put together our favourite tips and tricks for winter hair care below, so this winter you can achieve healthy hair.

  1. Cover the head with a scarf or a hat
    Take out your scarves and caps this winter to protect your hair. To cover your hair first, use a silk or satin scarf and coat it with cotton or woollen cloth to shield your hair from the cold weather. Covering cotton or woollen fabrics with your hair will create friction and contribute to split ends and breakage, so your best choice is silk or satin.  
  2. Avoid frequent Hair Wash 
    The explanation behind a dry and flaky scalp in winter is unnecessary shampooing. The chemicals in shampoos knock off the natural oils that dry the hair on your scalp. The chemicals will also make your skin sore, inducing itchiness. Shampoo to use soft formulations less often. .In your shampoos, steer clear of drying additives such as alcohols, dyes, fragrances.
  3. Avoiding products for heat styling
    The heat will tear your hair and create split ends from heat styling devices such as straighteners, blow dryers and curlers. If you need to style, restrict your sensitivity to these resources and use a heat protectant serum. Give your hair a break from heat styling in the winter months and go for chic hairstyles such as braids, buns and twists.
  4. Weekly treatments to keep hair hydrated 
    Dry air also means all hair textures should focus on weekly hair treatments to replace lost moisture. Hair dries out in winter from not having enough moisture in the indoor air, which is when a good conditioner comes in handy. Using Natural Oils For Hair Massage Works The Best For Hydrating Hair In Winter. After Doing The Weekly Treatments Like Oil Massage, Deep Conditioning Hair With Naturally Made Hair Mask Improves Overall Hair Health.

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