All You Need To Know About BharatPe Benefits service With Groomed for merchants.

Digital Business

  1. Data Security 
    Our focus is on " BharatPe for Merchants " as the name says, For any marketing reason, merchants & we will not use your info. Bharatpe is the only programme that has no user-based application interface in India. To our merchants, our application is meant.
  2. Customize Dashboard 
    We will send you to counter by the counter to check the transaction, Customized dashboard outlet by outlet - Our emphasis is to make life easy for the boss & cashier. A consolidated dashboard will also be provided for reconciliation purposes for our finance team.
  3. 12% Interest Account Ledger 
    Gain 12% interest on payments collected from your QR code. No lock-in time gives you absolute leverage of your funds along with regular earnings. The interest seen on the dashboard provides absolute disclosure of the amount Earned during these periods of testing
  4. BharatRewardz Card 
    We believe that with the right market, any business will expand and prosper. You can send your consumers a branded, technology-led loyalty with the NeighborGood Card Software that offers instant cashback/discount on any order Major Advantages: Cardless/contactless approach: The client does not necessarily have to hold his/her card. For reloading and redemption purposes, their registered number may also be used. Merchant centric control: The card's discounts and balance metrics are managed by the merchant. Complete control gives the authority to incentivize "Groomed" loyal customers the way the brand wants to. Ease of usage: Management via the merchant app of BharatPe makes it easy for cashiers to use On the go, redeem and reload the wallet, redeem by merely scanning the card or exchanging the screen, Data tends to decrease the queues at storefronts. Dashboard Ready product: Front end & back end dashboard helps the customer and merchant by providing transparency and management. End to end support: Dedicated team to support " Groomed " From training to redemption. No charges: Bharatpe doesn't charge any fee on providing loyalty services to " Groomed " Customization: We can even customize the cards to bear " Groomed " logos which improves brand visibility and increases trust from customers to merchants.