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3 Types of Ultimate Beard

by Shawn Towne

Mar 03 2021

Chevron Beard The chevron is a 20th-century classic, it is sufficiently versatile and masculine so adapting it for a contemporary audience won’t see you laughed out of the office. The chevron derives its name from military stripes that denote rank – hence, it forms a bent triangular shape. You don’t need to be an old-money Brit or action hero to pull the chevron off. Simply let the moustache ends grow evenly across the top of your lip for several weeks, steadily brushing it with a comb to train the hairs to take the desired silhouette.

Using wax can help to shape the look – Our Groomed Affiliated store barbers will give you pointers on the right product for the thickness and texture of your hair. However, many men need more than 12 weeks to allow the shorter hairs beneath their nostrils to grow out to the edge of the moustache. Keep everything else clean-shaven, as stubble undermines the clear contrast of the look. Keep it tight around the corners of your mouth – any longer and it becomes a handlebar in the making.

Short Boxed Beard Style Groomed Affiliated salon barbers tell that the short-boxed beard is the leaner, less fierce cousin of a full beard. Instead of letting the beard grow out completely, close to the cheekbone and several centimetres below the jaw, the short beard is shaved closer to the chin on the sides, with minimal length outwards. This style requires a similar period of growth, but much more maintenance than its fuller brethren. You can take help from Groomed experts regarding the same. Exercise the same patience you would for a full beard, allowing 8-12 weeks of untouched growth to ensure balance and density. Then it’s a matter of ‘shaping’ it, (i.e. doing some beard surgery with clippers and a comb) to reduce the longer ends and shave the beard beneath the tip of your cheekbone. Use clippers to define the tip of the beard across your cheek, and remember to shave your neck to finalize the tidiness of the style. The result is a cleaner, but no less masculine, an alternative to an untamed beard. A reasonable compromise for corporate guys.

Good news for men of different facial blessings. A short beard is a democratic option that doesn’t favour or disfavour anybody in particular. Most blokes can make it work, and it’s tidy enough to preserve your reputation in stuffy corporate gigs. Designer Stubble Designer stubble achieves that slightly-dishevelled cool that makes you look indifferent to the scorn of your peers. Less composed than being clean-shaven, a bit of scruff suggests to others that the guy couldn’t care less if he doesn’t look ‘schtick’ all the time. Designer stubble does, however, require weekly maintenance across the entire chin and jaw with electric clippers. This can be easy by just booking an appointment at your preferred salon by Groomedin app.

We Ensure that your work is will be easier after you book an appointment from our app and go to your preferred salon. Neglecting parts of your chin or jaw will result in a patchy, uneven look that will make you look like you got flustered and forgot the basics of shaving. Designer stubble suits men with strong oval or square features, as it will accentuate an existing jawline. If your face is on the longer side, stubble will also frame your features, and square things up a little. Unfortunately, not everyone is invited to the party. If you have a bit of extra baggage beneath your jawline, sit tight on the stubble. Trying to shave a jawline into rounded or plump features won’t fool anyone, and can draw attention to your affliction.

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