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Trending Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

by Shawn Towne

Mar 18 2021

Traditionally, the Mohawk haircut and hairstyle were reserved for radical or punk men who wished to stand out. Celebrities, baseball stars, and hipster fashion designers have all worn the Mohawk for photoshoots in recent years, making it more fashionable and mainstream than ever.

  1. Mohawk + Taper Fade
    The hairline of this chic mohawk is the longest in the middle of the forehead. It then tapers and disappears into shaved sides and out from there.
  2. Disconnected Undercut + Mohawk
    When paired with a detached undercut, a mohawk provides the most striking and edgy look. Your hair doesn't even have to belong to build a standout style with such a strong contrast.
  3. Fade + Mohawk + Thick Hair
    Thick hair appears confident and can quickly be sculpted into the correct form, while thin hair can also seem limp in a mohawk style.
    FINAL Remarks: In reality, a taper fade or short Mohawk may be worn on a regular basis. Mohawks come in a range of forms, including short and long, fuzzy and smooth, fading or buzzed, and low and high fades within the fade group. The Mohawk fade, on the other hand, seems to be the most common haircut.

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