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ROLL-ON WAXING: Everything You Need to Know

by Shawn Towne

Mar 30 2021

There are several different forms of depilatory waxes to choose from, which is a big plus because it means there are more choices for different hair removal procedures. Roll-ons are one of the most realistic solutions. Hair removal with roll-on cartridges is much simpler because they are mess-free and do not require the use of a conventional wax heater. The cosmetics industry is at a decision point. We must all maintain minimum human touch, both directly and indirectly, according to the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines. However, salon services are scarcely feasible with just a few human encounters. However, technology is assisting every industry in dealing with these difficult times.

Fortunately, the beauty industry has the requisite technologies. Roll-on waxing is one such invention. The product is a lifesaver at times like these. It's fast and easy. Since the wax does not spill while using roll-ons, you will have a clean waxing experience. Furthermore, a professional using this wax does not need to clean up wax pots and spatulas after waxing, nor does he or she need to remove the cartridge.

There Are Many Options to Choose From While Waxing such as,

  1. Wax Cartridge for Detox
  2. Detox rollers 
    A strong detox mix of activated charcoal and caviar extract that leaves skin sparkling.
  3. Jelly rollers
    The jelly extract gives roll-on wax added malleability and a sweet candy scent.
  4. Karite/Shea butter rollers
    Rich in vitamins and milk, this hydrating solution thoroughly nourishes the skin. Say goodbye to flaky, dry skin.
  5. Chocolate rollers 
    If you want an intensely moisturizing chocolate massage, a roll-on of choco wax is the way to go. This formula is packed with antioxidants and leaves skin soft and scented.
  6. Lotus flower rollers 
    A gentle solution containing lotus flower extract and titanium dioxide soothes skin that is resistant to inflammation.

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