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New Hair Colour Trends

by Shawn Towne

Sep 11 2020

A hair change. It's easy, it's fun, and there's no shortage of cool hair-colour trends to try right now. the hair colour styles for 2020 seem like they're shaping up to be easy, effortless twists on natural shades. Want to try the trend but not sure where to start? Here we are to help you solve your confusion. Natural doesn't mean boring. Stylists are working overtime to come up with new techniques to keep things interesting. And, yeah, the names for them are still slightly thirsty. Why ask for golden highlights when you can order up "caramel mocha"?

Let's Have A Look On The Latest Hair Colour Trends.

  1. Rusty Copper
    Try rusty copper—a burnished red shade that looks unbelievable on curls—to add even more dimension. Warming up a brunette base can make all the difference.
  2. Twilighting 
    Twilighting is for brunettes with warm undertones who still want some golden dimension. “The look is achieved by painting a few balayage pieces in addition to foiled baby lights it’s a low-maintenance colour that will carry from season to season."
  3. Pale Ash Blond
    Creamy blond colour is basically a lesson in tones. "It works with all skin tones because of the subtle warm and cool reflects,"
  4. Brown Ale Hair
    Brown ale hair has a deep mahogany base and swirls of amber highlights. "It's different from traditional brunettes because of the richness and the depth it provides.
  5. Orchard Red
    Red is gaining in popularity, Orchard red contains both copper and auburn tones, which can richen your entire appearance. “If your hair is natural, you can achieve this within a single process. If there’s the previous colour, you’ll need a base colour and balayage to achieve this multi reflective look.” As with all red shades, just be prepared for a lot of upkeep, since it'll fade quickly.

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