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Peek into our best tools that offer an all-round salon management, giving you the power to do more and be more.
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    Manage Your Salon Calendar

    With appointment bookings and flexibility to modify your schedules, there will be no long waiting time. Reduce queues & enrich customer experience with Groomed.

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    Walk-in Bookings? Have no fear.

    Groomed understands that each client is valuable, it helps you manage not only scheduled bookings, but also lets to accommodate walk-in clients. It analyses space, duration, giving you peace of mind.

  • 03

    Enhance Staff Performance

    Bring out the best in your artists with Groomed. Empower your staff by smartly diving their time and thereby giving your clients a personalized experience.

  • 04

    Plan Your Inventory

    Worrying about running out of the most popular supplies while treating your special clients? Groomed helps you keep a track and maintain your stock of products, notifying you about low quantities as well.

  • 05

    Selling made easier

    Selling products has never been easier for wellness centres. Securely deliver to your clients the choicest of the supplies used by you and gain reputation. Groomed also lets to keep a track of in-store product sales, unburdening your inventory hassles.

  • 06

    Manage Business Revenue

    A true manager doesn’t only manage people, but is equally good at monetary insights. Groomed assists you to keep ahead of your income and expenses, giving you holistic insights about your business.

  • 07

    Financial Analytics

    Want to assess the success of your business? Simply turn to the Financial Reports Section, and know your profits, sales, and other relevant parameters. These useful insights can help you take your business miles further!

  • 08

    Holidays and Rescheduling

    The personalisation and customizability of the Groomed App allows you to make necessary changes anytime, anywhere. It also keeps a track of your work days and holidays, for accurate assessment of labour and results.

  • 09

    Quick Set Up

    Add your store details such as time schedule, inventory, and artist details, and you are all set to manage your clients with Groomed!

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With Groomed, There is more than You Think

Our set of upcoming features & interactive user interface are ingeniously designed to address your daily needs and challenges.

Multi-Outlet Management

Our App has built-In features to cater the entire expanse of your business, at various outlets. It ensures categorisation and easy management of bookings at them through a single App!

Commissions Management

Commissions help motivate artists to work with more passion and dedication. These symbolic appreciations are a part of human nature. Groomed App understands that, and helps you create commission segments, according to their posts and experience.

Fostering Customer Insights

Groomed allows your customer to rate your services, which further adds to your brand value. The numerous facilities allowed by the App ensures that the customer leaves happily.

Sales Analytics

Groomed help shop owners to have an eye on process used to identify, model, understand and predict sales trends and sales results and finding improvement points.

Track Employee Availability

The App lets the manager keep the track of the attendance of various atists it has employed. It also displays the clients catered by each artist, to assess their abilities best.

Growth by Marketing and Advertising

The horizons of business are not fully utilized until the clients are made well aware of the attractive schemes and offers.Groomed takes care of that too! You can draft Newsletters and offer posts and e-mail them to your valuable clients.

Feedback and Suggestions Tab

The backbone of any business germinates through feedbacks and suggestions. Groomed App helps you keep a track of them, which helps you build an ideal client-friendly eco-system.

Sales and Profit Analytics

This feature truly unleashes the power of this App, by analysing sales, and growth trends. It helps the user to assess his strengths and weaknesses.This gives the true mark of a successful business model.

And much more

These features are our highlights, however we are constantly striving to create an enriching experience.

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Grow with the help of insights and suggestions, and manage your artists and clients with a few finger taps. From booking appointments to inventory management, we have got it all!

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  • Appointment Booking
  • Artist Management
  • Service Management
  • Manage your holidays


  • Appointment Booking
  • Artist Management
  • Service Management
  • Manage your holidays
  • Track Reports
  • Manage your Inventory

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